NEW Consultation on NDP gets Closer


The group drawing up a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the whole of Tanworth parish hopes to present its latest draft to a meeting of the full Parish Council on Thursday 16 November.

An NDP is a central government sponsored scheme to allow communities,among other things,to have a say on where housing and other developments should be located and what they should look like. 

Suggesting no housing development was thought  not to be an option for an NDP to “qualify”legally ,however our latest advice is that two parish councils in Stratford District have not identified any sites at all.   

NO sites would clearly now be an option for Tanworth. 

The NDP has identified three possible sites for housing  in addition to those already permitted under existing Green Belt legislation –such as Cank Farm and Doctor’s Close.   The list of such sites finally agreed by the Parish Council and deemed to conform to other policies by an Inspector will eventually be put to residents in a referendum.

A simple majority of those voting will be required for the adoption of the whole NDP.

Stratford District Council has identified three Local Service Villages (LSVs) –Tanworth,Wood End and Earlswood –where it thinks housing would be appropriate so long as any proposals conform with existing Green Belt Rules. In general these have to be either brownfield,limited infill and small scale developments.

Once the Parish Council has agreed the text of the latest consultation exercise residents will be able to view   the particular sites that have been identified by the NDP group under Mike Saunders and Jonathan Ashcroft and the criteria for identifying them on the Tanworth NDP site.   These document should be available soon.  

 If you want more information please contact the Clerk, Mrs Julie White,on 703200.

It is anticipated that public meetings will be held in each LSV in coming months to allow residents to give their views on these proposed sites and the draft document as a whole.

Two of the three sites –behind the Warwickshire Lad pub on Broad Lane and in Butts Lane near the school –are expected to be particularly controversial.

The hope is that,by discussing these sites at an early stage and judging whether they are likely to attract wide public support,the eventual referendum can be less contentious. 

Other sites could still be proposed at this time. It could even be decided to reject any or all of the sites.  The decision will be down to individual residents to make an effort to acquaint themselves with the proposals as soon as possible and express their opinion on each site to Mike and Jonathan.



(Source:Tom Ross)

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