Urgent Action Needed On Cank Farm


Duchy Homes, who have acquired the Cank Farm site, have now submitted a detailed planning application regarding the 18 houses and the existing farmhouse.

They have also sought permission from Stratford District to buy out, by means of a cash payment, the requirement, agreed at outline planning stage in 2015, to include six “affordable” houses.

Such a waiver would seem to be at variance with the importance placed on “more affordable” houses  in our emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Residents are encouraged to make their views on Duchy Homes plans known to both the Parish Council.   District Councillor George Atkinson is already on record as supporting the application.

Your support is vital to avoiding losing these 6 “affordable” homes on the Cank Farm site.

Please go to the SDC E-planning website and register your objections.  The relevant number is 18/02392/REM

The plans can be viewed at the Parish Office by prior appointment. Call Julie or Sue on 703200.

Steve Hird of Duchy Homes addressed the Parish Council Planning Committee at Tanworth Village Hall on Thursday September 6.




(Source:  Tom Ross)

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