Parish Council Withdraws Objection to Cank Farm

The Parish Council has decided to withdraw its original objection following detailed discussions with DuchyHomes.

The Residents Association and the Parish Council met officials from Stratford District Council and Duchy Homes on Tuesday 25 March to discuss outstanding issues in connection with the revised proposals for the Cank Farm site.

The main concerns expressed were over the destruction of the rural nature of Well Lane and what the front of the development will look like, the mock Tudor design adopted for many of the houses and the increase in the volume of the new houses over what was there before.

Additional points raised were over street lighting within the development, pedestrian access through the churchyard, what to do about the existing“lay-by” and Warwickshire County Council reneging on extending the 20mph speed limit in Well Lane to beyond the junction with Butts Lane.

Details can be found in the E-planning section of the District Council site.  The planning number is 18/02392/REM.

Duchy Homes have now reluctantly accepted that they will need to provide 6 “affordable” houses though they will now be “Discount Market Units” for sale at a permanent discount to the market value – with preference to people with a local connection – rather than for rental.

However, the other twelve houses – and the replacement dwelling for Dean Cottage – remain  very large indeed and their layout in the site gave cause for concern because of the impact on the Green Belt in general and views towards the village.

The Parish Council originally objected formally to the plans.  However, following revised proposals  from Duchy Homes the Objection has been withdrawn. The matter will formally go before the SDC Arden Area Planning Committee on Wednesday 24 April.


(Source: Tom Ross)

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