Vicarage Hill to Re-open

The long-term closure of different parts of Broad Lane has caused tremendous disruption to local traffic for some time.  This is because of mains work being undertaken for Severn Trent.

Phase Two from Aspley Heath to Vicarage Hill has now begun.

At the request of local residents  Warwickshire Highways originally agreed to close both Vicarage Hill and Penn Lane  to prevent drivers using the roads as a cut through. Their contractors have been the subject of abuse from some road users.

It is now proposed to reopen Vicarage Hill to local traffic and allow access to the A435 via Poolhead Lane.

Penn Lane and Broad Lane will remain closed.

The result of the original closure was that the only access to the village from the west was Tom Hill and, with the opening of Tanworth School, heavy traffic was being experienced by people in the village.

In addition, planned work by contractors on behalf of BT Openreach which was due to start on 15 June has now been cancelled. 

The area from the Bell on The Green down Doctor’s Hill to and including Knowlebury Cross was to have been closed to vehicular traffic.

(Source: Tom Ross )

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