Overhanging Trees

Trees and bushes overhanging neighbouring properties is often a significant source of irritation to residents.

To help residents understand their approach the Forestry Section of Warwickshire County Council has recently made clear to Tanworth Parish Council that trees are not pruned because they are causing shade.

“A tree owner has a duty of care to ensure the tree is ‘safe’ and there are no foreseeable safety based issues (which can include where branches are low over a persons garden, or starting to touch a building). 

Trees are a very important part of our environment, and trees in parks have a high amenity value to members of the public. 

Trees are allowed to grow to their natural height and shape, and to subject them to pruning to try to constrain or restrict this can be very counterproductive and result in reactive growth (i.e. the tree producing even more branches / leaf cover), or even make them more liable to disease or pathogens.”

For further guidance contact:  forestry@warwickshire.gov.uk

(Source:  Warwickshire County Council)


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