2023 District and Parish Election RESULTS

The Liberal Democrats have taken control of Stratford District Council from the Conservatives. The new Council comprises:

Liberal Democrats 25

Conservatives 12

Greens 3

Independents 1

The result of the contest in Tanworth-in-Arden ward to replace Tony Dixon on Stratford District Council:

Lynda ORGAN  Conservative 585 ELECTED

Karyl REES  Liberal Democrat 121

Lil JOHNSTON   Green 77

Bob EDWARDS    Labour 67

Turnout : 31.29% District Average: 39.29%

The following six candidates have been elected as Parish Councillors for Tanworth ward.

Ollie MUNTZ 263

Michael SAUNDERS 253

Tom ROSS 244

David COWAN 231


Leila CHAUDRY 165

Not Elected

Louise PHILLIPS 139

Residents on Poolhead Lane, and parts of the north side of Broad Lane, who are members of Tanworth Residents, were not able to vote in this election as they are technically in Earlswood ward.

In a separate matter, the past Chair of the Parish Council, Dave Burgess, has resigned from his post and the Council. The Earlswood vacancy will be advertised soon. If there are no applications it will be filled by co-option of anyone resident in the parish who wishes to volunteer.

(Source:  Stratford Herald)

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