Road Gritting The Green

Warwickshire County Council has decided to abandon plans to grit Butts Lane instead of The Green/Doctor’s Hill – for the time being.

This followed major problems the gritting lorries had some icy evenings in negotiating parked cars outside the Bell and on the bend at the School.

WCC said their drivers had approached some residents and visitors to the pub asking them to move their cars, but had encountered some hostility and resistance.

Following representations from a number of residents and feedback from both the Residents Association and the Parish Council, WCC Highways will try again to get the co-operation of visitors and local people to park in a manner that allows their gritters to do their important job.

A letter has now been delivered to all properties on Doctor’s Hill to explain the problem and to warn that any future lack of co-operation could lead to gritting being withdrawn.

(Source: Tom Ross)

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