Cank Farm Affordable Houses

As part of the planning process involving the former Cank Farm site there was a requirement to provide a number of affordable houses at a permanent discount.

Following a request from the Association and our ward member Lynda Organ Stratford District Council has now provided details of the legal obligations it has imposed on any future sale of the six houses.

All homes are to be sold at 60% of the open market value in perpetuity.  When an owner wants to put their home on the market, they will be required to submit two valuations to the District Council for approval.

The homes have to be marketed to a household with a local connection for 12 weeks

The District Council will monitor details of the potential purchaser, their local connections and a certificate of eligibility confirming the relevant obligations have been adhered to.

We are assured all of these obligations are in perpetuity.

(Source: District Councillor Lynda Organ)

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