Residents AGM


Tanworth Residents Association will be holding its 2016 Annual General Meeting in Tanworth Village Hall on Tuesday 22 November at 7.30pm.

Come along and discuss the issues that affect our community and meet representatives of Warwickshire Police and of the Parish,District and County Councils.

Those of you who have been before know that we try to be as informal as possible and that there is cheese and wine afterwards.

All you have to do is turn up and bring your £3.00 subscription per household for the coming year.




(Source: Tom Ross)

NEW:Delay to Road Closure –Small Lane

Small Lane between Poolhead Lane and Malthouse Lane (past Fowler’s Cheese ) will not now be closed to vehicle traffic on Thursday 13 October for one day at “Foxgloves”.

This was to allow for repairs to a water hydrant.

This work will now be undertaken at a later date.


(Source: Warwickshire Highways)

A Warning from Springbrook Lane!

Warwickshire Police advise that around 00.40 on the morning of Wednesday 28 September a resident in Springbrook Lane in Earlswood heard a noise and went downstairs to investigate.  He put all of the lights on.

The noise was the patio door being opened and the resident called out.  The intruders quickly made off towards a car which was waiting nearby.

Nothing was stolen.



(Source: Neighbourhood Watch)

Know About Future Planning Applications

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has launched an online tool which has been designed to help residents access information on any new planning applications within their neighbourhoods.

This new tool will send email alerts to anyone who has registered via the Council’s website notifying them of any planning applications which have been registered with the Council and which fall within the selected geographical area.

This new tool will not replace the press and site notices:it is being introduced to supplement the existing arrangements. It will be an additional method of communicating which,it is hoped,will be more reliable and immediate for all those who register.

To register please use the following link:


(Source:  Stratford District Council)

New System for Neighbourhood Watch Alerts

At a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in Stratford we were advised that a new Community Messaging System was being developed and should be going live soon –that was in spring 2015.

Warwickshire Police say the system is now Live and residents are asked to register even if they have already registered under the old system.

At present both old and new are running alongside each other but the old system may be phased out very soon and your previously registered details cannot be transferred.

Residents will also be asked to confirm annually that they wish to continue receiving crime information.

The new system enables residents to select which area or areas they are interested in receiving crime information about and also how often they wish to receive this information by way of e-mail messages.  You can choose  to receive messages as they are sent or daily or weekly.  You can also select the message type and which localities interest you.  You may consider crimes committed  across the county boundary in Beoley  more relevant to you than those in North Warwickshire as Warwickshire and West Mercia (Worcestershire) police forces work closely now.

To register for the Community Messaging Service please click here.


(Source:Tony Dixon, Chief Co-ordinator Neighbourhood Watch)

Further Consultation on Neighbourhood Development Plan


The committee of residents helping the Parish Council prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan held a well attended meeting in Tanworth Village Hall  on Tuesday 24 May.   About 50 residents of Tanworth,Wood End and Earlswood attended.

The Steering Group co-chairmen, Michael Saunders and Jonathan Ashcroft,revealed what the committee had identified as the important issues that had emerged.  They also explained some of the options that residents could choose between on important and controversial matters such as the identification of possible sites for housing developments.  

There was a lively discussion of the many issues at stake and several pleas for more openness and transparency in the process.

A copy of the latest draft can be obtained from the Parish Council.  Please contact Julie or Pam in the Parish Office on 703200.



(Source: Tom Ross)

Beware Scam Phone Calls

Warwickshire Police are urging people to be vigilant following a series of scam phone calls made to  residents.

Several people from the Stratford area and rural villages have reported being called the week Tuesday 10th May to Friday 13th May 2016. On each occasion the scammers purported to be from the police in London,that they were the fraud squad and had a arrested a male in an Apple store with stolen credit cards.

Scammers typically target elderly people,and have on a couple of occasions have asked the victims to withdraw money from the bank and hand it over to a courier who had been sent to their address.

Fortunately the majority of the victims have realised this is a scam and have not given of their bank details nor withdrawn money.

Police are issuing the following advice and ask you to pass it on to any vulnerable neighbours:

1) Do not give out any personal details over the phone.

2) The banks and police will never ask you for your PIN or for money

3) If you receive a call like this,please hang up immediately and call 101 from a different phone    unless there is a crime in progress,then please call 999


(Source:Warwickshire Police)


More on our Neighbourhood Development Plan

Monday 29 February was the last day to submit comments on the first draft of the Tanworth NDP. A new draft will be published soon.   See above.

Since 2014 a Steering Group of residents,first under John Brougham,then Adrian Fowler of Earlswood and now jointly under Michael Saunders and Jonathan Ashcroft,has been preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the whole of Tanworth parish.

Both the Coalition government and,more recently,the Conservative government has encouraged local communities to prepare such plans as a way of providing increased local input into the planning process in the future.

There are some things an NDP can do and some it cannot.

An NDP cannot be used to stop all development 

It can merely express an opinion on what development should take place,offer suggestions of which locations are suitable –and which are not –and recommend the style of building to be employed.   The final document must propose actual sites for development –even in areas like ours that are totally in Green Belt.

None of its conclusions are binding

An NDP is only what is called a “material consideration” in deciding whether any individual planning application in the future is approved.  The Local Planning Authority,in our case Stratford District Council,can ultimately decide to ignore the recommendations if it chooses so to do.  However,the sites that are identified will inevitably be seized on by developers.

The whole parish has to be offered the opportunity to be involved

The process of drawing up an NDP is being overseen by the Parish Council but the document needs to be the product of as wide a cross section of local residents as possible.  It also needs to be compatible with the District Council’s Local Plan and with relevant Westminster and European legislation.   The Parish Council has retained the right to reject the proposed NDP and to discontinue the process at any time in the public interest.

Since its first meetings inevitably individuals have lost interest in the NDP process and have drifted away for a variety of reasons.

It is vital,however,that as many residents as possible retain a keen interest in the workings of the NDP Steering Group.  The Group has now submitted a first draft of the plan to the Parish Council and is inviting comments on the options it has identified.

These include a number of possible sites that will be very controversial at Wood End and in Tanworth village itself.

There is now no requirement to identify 100 houses in the parish as we were originally told.

It is vital that all residents read this NDP draft and make themselves familiar with its contents – in particular its options for possible housing developments.

This is still a relatively early stage in the process.  Residents will eventually have an opportunity to accept or reject the plan in a referendum,but it would be very helpful for the Steering Group to have feedback at this stage –particularly if there is opposition to suggested sites or elements have been overlooked.

To view the draft plan visit the Parish Council website at:


(Source:Tom Ross)




New Police and Crime Commissioner


Philip Seccombe (Conservative) has been elected Warwickshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner in succession to the Independent Ron Ball.

After second preferences were taken into account the results of the poll on May 5 were:

Philip Seccombe (Conservative)        43,208 votes

Julie Jackson (Labour)                        35,108 votes

Turnout in 2016 was just over 23% compared to 15% in 2012.

There were no District or County Council elections this year.


(Source:Stratford Herald)

Suggestions Still Needed for Play Area for Tanworth

As part of the negotiations over the Cank Farm housing development a sum of £25,000 has been be set aside by the developers to provide a childrens’play area somewhere in the village.

The Parish Council is about to discuss possible sites.   Clearly,the playground has to be in close proximity to where children actually live.  It is also a condition of the money that the facility must be available outside school hours to the children of the village.

If no site is identified the money will be spent elsewhere in the District.

The project will be overseen by Stratford District Council.

Any resident with an idea for a possible site should contact the Parish Clerk on 703200.


(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)