Cank Farm Battle Looms Again

It appears that Duchy Homes have been unable to sell the Cank Farm site.

The developer has now hired a prominent consultant with good connections in Stratford on Avon to progress a new application.  This will inevitably involve more houses being built than the one that was previously approved.

Stratford District Council planners have assured our Ward member, Tony Dixon, that a new application will be required for such significant changes.

Clearly,  the battle for affordable housing, a sympathetic setting, no overdevelopment of the site and perhaps even a children’s play area for the village will need to be rejoined.

(Sources:  Tom Ross and Tony Dixon)

Broad Lane – Now OPEN

Severn Trent say the work on Broad Lane is now complete and traffic should be back to normal.

Bad news for residents on Broad Lane but good news for the village.

But, planned work by contractors on behalf of BT Openreach which was due to start on 15 June will begin soon. 

The area from the Bell on The Green down Doctor’s Hill to and including Knowlebury Cross will be closed to vehicular traffic.

(Source: Tom Ross)

Parish Council Changes

Following the Annual General Meeting of Tanworth Parish Council held online on Tuesday 22 September there have been changes at the top.

Dave Burgess has been elected the new Chair and Tom Ross and Leila Chaudry the joint Vice Chairs. Tom Ross has said he does not intend to serve a full term.

The outgoing Chair Roy Willmott will continue as a Councillor.

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

2020 Residents AGM

In the circumstances Tanworth Residents Association has decided not to hold an Annual General Meeting this year.

We still hope to deliver a Newsletter to each home in November as usual to keep you up to date on all the issues that currently affect us all.

(Source: Tom Ross)


Overhanging Trees

Trees and bushes overhanging neighbouring properties is often a significant source of irritation to residents.

To help residents understand their approach the Forestry Section of Warwickshire County Council has recently made clear to Tanworth Parish Council that trees are not pruned because they are causing shade.

“A tree owner has a duty of care to ensure the tree is ‘safe’ and there are no foreseeable safety based issues (which can include where branches are low over a persons garden, or starting to touch a building). 

Trees are a very important part of our environment, and trees in parks have a high amenity value to members of the public. 

Trees are allowed to grow to their natural height and shape, and to subject them to pruning to try to constrain or restrict this can be very counterproductive and result in reactive growth (i.e. the tree producing even more branches / leaf cover), or even make them more liable to disease or pathogens.”

For further guidance contact:

(Source:  Warwickshire County Council)


Lorry Park at Beoley

Residents at the Blind Lane end of Broad Lane may be aware that Walkers, the haulage firm, over the county boundary in Worcestershire went into administration recently.

There may be two planning applications: one to Bromsgrove District Council to provide a general overnight lorry park and the other a street trading licence to regularise the food facilities already being advertised.

With the new distribution warehouse at Gorcott Hill and the improvements to Junction 4 of the M42 there are fears that this can only mean a vast increase of noise and traffic at the Beoley Garage exit on the A435.

A public consultation exercise on the street trading began on 23 June and will last for 28 days.  If residents wish to comment on the plans they should be made in writing to:

If more information is required Mrs May can be contacted on 0777 955 4280

(Source: Edward Carter)

Tanworth Church Clock

Any residents who have looked up in recent weeks to the Church tower to see what the time will have noticed the new clock faces.

The Cumbria Clock Company undertook the work.  This is what they look like up close.

(Source: Tanworth Church)

No Green Waste Charges till 2021

Stratford District Council have decided to postpone the introduction of a £40 charge for the collection of green waste until 2021. They will decide the exact date for introduction later.

Plans to increase car parking charges across the Council car parks have also been postponed until next year.

(Source: Stratford District Council)

Beware of email and other Scams

Sadly, there are always people who try to make money from the misfortunes of others.

The Coronavirus crisis has produced a series of emails that purport to come from HM Government. They do not.

Be very careful of any emails that offer money or help from a source that you do not know.

If things seem to be too good to be true, they usually are.

(Source: Warwickshire Police)

Tom Hill Bridge

Sadly, Network Rail does not get any awards for the state of the railway bridge over Tom Hill.

Considering that this is one of the main approaches to the Conservation Area for residents and visitors alike Network Rail has consistently refused to re-paint the bridge.

The situation has been made worse by the graffiti added recently.


(Source: Tom Ross)