Well Lane Closure

Well Lane will be closed from 8 June for about five days.

For the latest road closures go to the Warwickshire County Council website at:



(Source:Warwickshire Highways)

Green Waste Charges

Stratford District Council has increased the charge for the collection of green waste to £42 from 1 April 2022.

Details of how to purchase a 2022/3 sticker for your Green Bin can be found on the District Council website.

There will also be major changes to the collection of food waste in the autumn.



(Source: Stratford District Council)

Earlswood Stores and Post Office Open for Business

Earlswood Stores, including the Post Office, re-opened for business on 18 February after a major refit by Nisa.


(Source: Nisa)

Council to ‘adopt’ Phone Box

Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council is seeking to adopt the old phone box on The Green in order to preserve it for the community.

As part of the consultation process it is a requirement that Stratford-on-Avon District Council consults with the local community to obtain their view.

The consultation is now open and finishes on Thursday 23 December 2021.

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

Construction Traffic through the Village

A number of residents have reported that heavy lorries going to the Cank Farm site are continuing to travel through the village. This is despite the matter being reported to Spitfire Homes.

To be fair Spitfire’s contractor has put up signs on Vicarage Hill advising the drivers of lorries not to go through the village. However, to the best of my knowledge there are none on Tom Hill or Bates Lane. Also, there are no contact details, either phone or email, to allow residents to report such journeys.

When approached by the Association Spitfire refused at first to provide such details, but eventually – and reluctantly – they suggest their general email address: info@spitfirehomes.co.uk.

Stratford District Council has confirmed to us that it was a condition of the original outline planning permission that construction traffic should not travel through the village. It is therefore an matter for SDC’s Enforcement team.

Any residents who wish to complain about such traffic should note details of the time the violation occurred, a registration number if possible, any vehicle company name and a photograph again if possible.

These details should be passed to the Parish Council on 703200 or office@tanworth-pc.org.uk

(Source: Tom Ross)

Residents 2021 AGM Cancelled

The Association regrets that it has decided not to hold an Annual General Meeting this year because of the continuing Covid crisis.

Let us hope the news is better next year.

(Source:  Tom Ross)

Whatsapp Group to Help Fight Crime

Fly tipping and car crime have increased in Tanworth during the lockdown. 

Local residents have formed a a Whatsapp group to help improve communications within the Tanworth area.  The group is open to all residents so long as they abide by the rules.

You may have seen some of their new signs around the village.

The Crime and Suspicious Activity Group aims to help the police by sharing any unusual or criminal behaviour as quickly as possible.

This group will operate alongside Neighbourhood Watch.

For more details about how to join the group contact:

Jamie Doyle –  07860887562

(Source: Jamie Doyle)

Housing Needs Survey

Tanworth Parish Council has just commissioned a second Housing Needs Survey in conjunction with Warwickshire Rural Community Council. This is part of the ongoing process towards a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish.

The survey was designed to establish how many residents had a need for alternative housing within the parish – either for their children or for themselves if they wished to downsize.

1406 forms were distributed to every household, but, unfortunately, only 31 replies were received and of these 6 were discounted for various reasons.

So, the Parish Council has, in effect, received the views of 25 households.

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

‘Royal Mail’ Scam

If you have received a text apparently from Royal Mail saying you need to pay £2 for a parcel delivery beware it is a SCAM.

Most reputable firms say they will never ask you to give your bank details by email or text.

(Source: Warwickshire Police)

Vehicle Related Theft

Warwickshire Police report an increase in the theft of number plates in rural areas. The plates are stolen to hide the true identity of vehicles driving away from petrol stations without paying or to avoid speed cameras or the congestion charge.

The police can provide security screws to make the theft more difficult. They can be obtained by emailing: alcesternorth.snt@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk

(Source: Warwickshire Police)