Dyers Lane Closure

Dyers Lane –the well-used access road for Wedges Bakery and Solihull –will be closed to vehicles from  Monday 23 October.

The authorities are being a bit vague about how long this closure will be in operation but it may take some time.



(Source: Warwickshire Highways)

Residents 2017 Annual Meeting

Tanworth Residents Association will be holding its 2017 Annual General Meeting in Tanworth Village Hall on Tuesday 21 November at 7.30pm.

Come along and discuss the issues that affect our community and meet representatives of Warwickshire Police and of the Parish,District and County Councils.

Those of you who have been before know that we try to be as informal as possible and that there is cheese and wine afterwards.

All you have to do is turn up and bring your £3.00 subscription per household for the coming year.


(Source: Tom Ross)

New Vacancies on Parish Council

Following the resignations of Andy Wilkins and Sylvia Stanton there are now two vacancies for the Tanworth ward on the Parish Council.

For more information contact the Parish Clerk on 703200.




(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

Bellfield Lock-ups Sell for £126k

At the auction held on Monday 17 July in London the 14 empty lock-up garages between Bellfield and Doctor’s Close  sold for £126,000 to an unknown buyer. The guide price was £30,000.

Orbit Housing,who took over responsibility for the former Stratford District Council housing stock from the South Warwickshire Housing Association,have been selling off similar sites all over the County.

Last week’s  Stratford Herald confirms that a clawback clause means SDC may benefit from the sale of  the 19 sites by as much as £1million.  SDC,therefore,stands to make £63,000 from this sale.

Tanworth Parish Council made several approaches through our local District Councillor and our MP to see if the important site –the last open space at the centre of the village –could be secured in the public interest but was rebuffed at every attempt.


(Source:  Tom Ross)

Possible Housing Sites Identified by NDP

The group drawing up a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the whole of Tanworth parish presented its latest draft to a meeting of the full Parish Council on Thursday 22 June.

An NDP is a central government sponsored scheme to allow communities,among other things,to have a say on where housing and other developments should be located and what they should look like.  Suggesting no housing development is not an option with an NDP.

Inevitably,the most contentious issue is the identification of possible sites for housing in addition to those already permitted under existing Green Belt legislation –such as Cank Farm and Doctor’s Close. The list of such sites finally agreed by the Parish Council and deemed to conform to other policies by an Inspector will be put to residents in a referendum.

A simple majority of those voting will be required for the adoption of the whole NDP.

Stratford District Council has identified three Local Service Villages (LSVs) –Tanworth,Wood End and Earlswood –where it thinks housing would be appropriate so long as any proposals conform with existing Green Belt Rules. In general these have to be either brownfield,limited infill and small scale developments.

If you want to see the particular sites that have been identified by the NDP group under Mike Saunders and Jonathan Ashcroft please follow the links to the Tanworth Parish Council website or the Tanworth NDP site.   This document should be available soon.   You should also see the criteria that were adopted to assess their suitability.  If you want more information please contact the Clerk, Mrs Julie White,on 703200.

It is anticipated that public meetings will be held in each LSV in coming months to allow residents to give their views on these proposed sites and the draft document as a whole.

Two sites –behind the Warwickshire Lad pub on Broad Lane and in Butts Lane near the school –are expected to be particularly controversial.

The hope is that,by discussing these sites at an early stage and judging whether they are likely to attract wide public support,the eventual referendum can be less contentious. That,at any rate,is the hope.

Other sites could still be proposed at this time. It could even be decided to reject all but one site and still technically meet the strict requirements laid down by the government. The decision is down to individual residents to make an effort to acquaint themselves with the proposals as soon as possible and express their opinion on each site to Mike and Jonathan.

Doing nothing would definitely be a bad idea.


(Source:Tom Ross)

Beware Intruders!

Warwickshire Police report that over a couple of days at the end of June a number of householders in Tanworth,Earlswood and Hockley Heath suddenly became aware of masked intruders in the kitchens of their homes.

All the events took place in early evening and the intruder or intruders in each case made off in a black car of some sort.

Please be careful not to leave back doors unlocked and report any suspicious circumstances to 999.


(Source:  Warwickshire Police)

Watch out for Lead Thieves!

The Police advise that there has been a spate of thefts of lead from churches in the West Midlands.

Insomniacs and other residents are asked to keep a look out during the night for people behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of the church and to dial 999 if they believe the theft of roof lead is in progress.

Replacing lead after a theft is an expensive business and insurance does not always cover the full amount of replacement.


(Source: BBC Midlands Today)



Refuse Bags Offer

Warwickshire residents are now able to buy 6 rolls of 25 compostable bin liners for their Green Kitchen caddies at what is said to be a special discounted price.

You can order the 150 liners for £7.95 (including post and packing) from:




Warning:Rogue Tradesmen


Warwickshire County Council would like to draw the attention of residents to the actions of so called tradesmen who are cold calling,offering to remove moss from roof tiles.

An elderly customer who doesn’t wish to be named has been charged £2000 for this ‘service’. If she didn’t pay cash tshe was told hey would have to charge her more + Vat. They even went back for a tip!

If you see any elderly or vulnerable neighbours with ‘tradesmen’working at their homes,be nosey! You can do it tactfully. And if in doubt,contact the Police .


(Source:Warwickshire County Council)


Bogus Emails Warning

Fraudsters are sending out a wave of scam emails purporting to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that claim you have to appear in court.

Concerned members of the public have reported receiving the email entitled You’ve been witness summoned to court.

The email encourages the recipient to click on a link to view their start time and case details.

This link is likely to lead to malware which could affect your computer.

This email has no connection to the CPS and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click on any links.

If you receive one of these messages rreport it to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

(Source: Warwickshire Police)