Watch out for Lead Thieves!

The Police advise that there has been a spate of thefts of lead from churches in the West Midlands.

Insomniacs and other residents are asked to keep a look out during the night for people behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of the church and to dial 999 if they believe the theft of roof lead is in progress.

Replacing lead after a theft is an expensive business and insurance does not always cover the full amount of replacement.


(Source: BBC Midlands Today)



And Now a General Election


The Prime Minister has announced that a UK General Election will be held on Thursday 8 June.



(Source: BBC)

County Council Elections on 4 May

Elections will take place on Thursday 4 May to elect all 57 Councillors on Warwickshire County Council. As with Stratford District Council these elections now only take place every four years.

With the recent reduction in the total number of Councillors in Warwickshire each member now represents a much larger area than before.  Our division is now called Arden.

Mike Perry has already announced that he will be retiring as your County Councillor.

At the closing date for nominations there were three candidates:

Mark Griffiths (Green Party)

John Horner (Conservative)

Karyl Rees (Liberal Democrat).

(Source:Stratford Observer)

Problem with Neighbourhood Watch Alerts


Warwickshire Police have advised us that there has been  a problem with the Neighbourhood Watch alert system.

Residents who have signed up to alerts covering specific areas may have received alerts covering other areas.

The Police apologise for any inconvenience caused.


(Source: Warwickshire Police)

Parish Assembly 2017

Tanworth Parish Council will be holding its Annual Parish Assembly in Earlswood Village Hall on Wednesday 10 May from 7.30pm.

This is an opportunity for residents to meet representatives of many local bodies and question Parish,District and County Councillors on matters affecting the community.

(Source:Tanworth Parish Council)

Increase in Reported Crime in Area

Residents are advised that there seems to have been a recent increase in petty crime in Tanworth and the surrounding area.

There has been a spate of garage break-ins and thefts from vehicles reported recently in Broad Lane,Blind Lane and Bates Lane.

If you want more details sign up for the regular Alcester North area police email update.

You can find more information on the Neighbourhood Watch section of this website.

(Source:Warwickshire Police)

Refuse Bags Offer

Warwickshire residents are now able to buy 6 rolls of 25 compostable bin liners for their Green Kitchen caddies at what is said to be a special discounted price.

You can order the 150 liners for £7.95 (including post and packing) from:



Warning:Rogue Tradesmen


Warwickshire County Council would like to draw the attention of residents to the actions of so called tradesmen who are cold calling,offering to remove moss from roof tiles.

An elderly customer who doesn’t wish to be named has been charged £2000 for this ‘service’. If she didn’t pay cash tshe was told hey would have to charge her more + Vat. They even went back for a tip!

If you see any elderly or vulnerable neighbours with ‘tradesmen’working at their homes,be nosey! You can do it tactfully. And if in doubt,contact the Police .


(Source:Warwickshire County Council)


Bogus Emails Warning

Fraudsters are sending out a wave of scam emails purporting to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that claim you have to appear in court.

Concerned members of the public have reported receiving the email entitled You’ve been witness summoned to court.

The email encourages the recipient to click on a link to view their start time and case details.

This link is likely to lead to malware which could affect your computer.

This email has no connection to the CPS and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click on any links.

If you receive one of these messages rreport it to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

(Source: Warwickshire Police)

Know About Future Planning Applications

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has launched an online tool which has been designed to help residents access information on any new planning applications within their neighbourhoods.

This new tool will send email alerts to anyone who has registered via the Council’s website notifying them of any planning applications which have been registered with the Council and which fall within the selected geographical area.

This new tool will not replace the press and site notices:it is being introduced to supplement the existing arrangements. It will be an additional method of communicating which,it is hoped,will be more reliable and immediate for all those who register.

To register please use the following link:


(Source:  Stratford District Council)