Village Road Closures

The area from the Bell on The Green down Doctor’s Hill to and including Knowlebury Cross will be closed to vehicular traffic from Monday 15 June.

Work may take up to four days.  We are assured that access to properties will be maintained at all times.

This is to allow essential works on behalf of BT Openreach.  The work will be undertaken by KN Network Services and traffic management will be the responsibility of Hire a Lite on 0844 3329009.

(Source: BT Openreach)

No Green Waste Charges till 2021

Stratford District Council have decided to postpone the introduction of a £40 charge for the collection of green waste until 2021. They will decide the exact date for introduction later.

Plans to increase car parking charges across the Council car parks have also been postponed until next year.

(Source: Stratford District Council)

Beware of email and other Scams

Sadly, there are always people who try to make money from the misfortunes of others.

The Coronavirus crisis has produced a series of emails that purport to come from HM Government. They do not.

Be very careful of any emails that offer money or help from a source that you do not know.

If things seem to be too good to be true, they usually are.

(Source: Warwickshire Police)

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

A number of local people and organisations are busy compiling a list of vulnerable residents in Tanworth who may be in need of help in this time of national crisis.

They would also welcome able-bodied people able to volunteer to provide that help.

There are already several sources of help for those struggling with the practicalities and feeling of isolation that people are and will feel in the coming weeks:

– There is a community facebook page set up for those able to access it called “Tanworth-in-Arden Village Community“.  It offers help and support to residents and people can post to and read about what is going on in our community hour by hour
– The Warwickshire Lad on Broad Lane is offering a takeaway service between 6pm and 8pm with details on their website
Tanworth Church has a number of volunteers to support more vulnerable people that they are aware of in the community
Beaumont Farm is offering meals and groceries for collection or delivery and is updating the Community facebook page regularly

There are also your neighbours who I am sure would be delighted to help if asked.

Despite all of this, if you are still struggling and need help with groceries or prescriptions or any other practical issues or you know of somebody nearby who may, then please contact Jonathan Ashcroft on and he will endeavour to help you or put you in touch with someone who can.

A parallel volunteer scheme is being organised by Earlswood And Forshaw Heath Residents Association.

If any residents are entitled to free school lunches for their children they can call Warwickshire County Council Welfare for 6 weeks of support for food on 0800 408 1448. 

(Source: Jonathan Ashcroft)

Recycling Centre Closed

Burton Farm Waste Recycling Tip to the north of Stratford is to close until further notice.

Source: Stratford District Council)

Tom Hill Bridge

Sadly, Network Rail does not get any awards for the state of the railway bridge over Tom Hill.

Considering that this is one of the main approaches to the Conservation Area for residents and visitors alike Network Rail has consistently refused to re-paint the bridge.

The situation has been made worse by the graffiti added recently.


(Source: Tom Ross)

People’s Award 2020

Tanworth Parish Council is launching the People’s Award 2020.

The aim is to thank and reward those people volunteering in Tanworth who deserve recognition for community activity, environmental achievements or in some other way contribute to the life of the Parish.

There will be two categories: Individual and Non-Profit Organisation or Voluntary Group.

All nominations will be judged using the following criteria.
. Community involvement – encouraging a community spirit
. Inclusivity – making sure everyone can be involved
. Inspiration – inspiring people to do more
. Innovation – new and exciting ways of delivering projects
. Lasting impact – will be around or make a difference for a long time
. Tackling issues that affect the people living in the Parish

Nominations do not need to meet all the criteria: each nomination will be judged on its individual merit.

Nominations must be received by 10 April 2020. Presentations of awards will take place at the Parish Assembly to be held at Tanworth Village Hall on Wednesday 22 April 2020.

For details of the Rules and nomination forms see website at

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

Parish Assembly?

Tanworth Parish Council plans to hold its Annual Parish Assembly on Wednesday 22 April in Tanworth Village Hall at 7.30pm.  Clearly, this is subject to the government’s advice on avoiding the risk of Coronavirus.

Residents of Tanworth are invited to come and put their questions to their Parish Councillors, District & County Councillors and representatives from local organisations.

There will also be a presentation on Smartwater by the Rural crime adviser from Stratford District Council.

Afterwards there will be light refreshments and an opportunity to have an informal chat with those present.

(Source:  Tanworth Parish Council)


Danzey Station Signs

West Midlands Trains are to be congratulated for updating the signs on Wood End and Danzey stations.

Sadly, their geographical skills are somewhat lacking in terms of the destinations of Platforms 1 and 2 at Danzey.  

Platform 1 is actually for Stratford upon Avon and Platform 2 is for Birmingham.

New Footpath Light Installed

Warwickshire Highways have now installed a new lamp post in the passageway between Bellfield and Doctor’s Close.  It is hoped that adjustments can be made to the new generation LED lantern to shed more light down the passageway itself.

Tanworth Parish Council,  which is responsible for footpath lighting, agreed to fund the new light at its meeting on Thursday 21 November. This followed representations by several residents that children were going to and from school in the dark.

(Source:  Tanworth Parish Council)