Well Lane Re-opened

Well Lane has re-opened to vehicle traffic.

Duchy Homes has apologised for the state the “lay-by” has been left in by the utility company.   A contractor will be brought in to tidy it up until a permanent solution is agreed.

(Source: Duchy Homes)

Major Disruption on A435

Major Work starts on the roundabout at Junction 3 of the M42 with the A435 on Tuesday 7 May.  Expect delays for some time.

Also, the A435 itself from Junction 3 to Beckitt’s roundabout closes every night  from 20.00.


(Source: Highways Agency)

District Council Election 2019

Tony Dixon, the Conservative candidate, has won the Tanworth in Arden ward in the District Council election held on Thursday 2 May.

The votes cast were:

Tony DIXON  Con                          650

Jo Benjamin   Lib-Dem                       76

John Stott       Green                           72

Tony O’Hagan   Labour                      27

Overall, the Conservatives still control Stratford District Council but with a reduced majority.

The new composition of the Council is :

Con   20 -11, Lib Dems 11  +8, Independent 4  +3, GreenParty 1 +1,  Labour  Nil  -1


(Source: Stratford Herald)

Parish Council Withdraws Objection to Cank Farm

The Parish Council has decided to withdraw its original objection following detailed discussions with DuchyHomes.

The Residents Association and the Parish Council met officials from Stratford District Council and Duchy Homes on Tuesday 25 March to discuss outstanding issues in connection with the revised proposals for the Cank Farm site.

The main concerns expressed were over the destruction of the rural nature of Well Lane and what the front of the development will look like, the mock Tudor design adopted for many of the houses and the increase in the volume of the new houses over what was there before.

Additional points raised were over street lighting within the development, pedestrian access through the churchyard, what to do about the existing“lay-by” and Warwickshire County Council reneging on extending the 20mph speed limit in Well Lane to beyond the junction with Butts Lane.

Details can be found in the E-planning section of the District Council site.  The planning number is 18/02392/REM.

Duchy Homes have now reluctantly accepted that they will need to provide 6 “affordable” houses though they will now be “Discount Market Units” for sale at a permanent discount to the market value – with preference to people with a local connection – rather than for rental.

However, the other twelve houses – and the replacement dwelling for Dean Cottage – remain  very large indeed and their layout in the site gave cause for concern because of the impact on the Green Belt in general and views towards the village.

The Parish Council originally objected formally to the plans.  However, following revised proposals  from Duchy Homes the Objection has been withdrawn. The matter will formally go before the SDC Arden Area Planning Committee on Wednesday 24 April.


(Source: Tom Ross)

National Lottery Grants Available

£100,000 of National Lottery funding is up for grabs to celebrate community spirit across the wider West Midlands region.

Following the huge success of the first Mayor’s Community Weekend last year, communities across the West Midlands – including Warwickshire – are being given double the cash to host celebrations this summer.

Grants of up to £500 will be on offer to groups across the region.

The aim of the Mayor’s Community Weekend on Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June 2019  is to bring people and communities together, to celebrate the experiences they share and make new memories. It will encourage people from all walks of life to build stronger community bonds and embrace community spirit by holding events such as a street party, a sports festival or a picnic in the park.

Communities can apply for funding from 9am on Friday 22 February to hold an event during the Mayor’s Community Weekend. Applications close at 9pm on Sunday 17 March.

For more details www.tnlcommunityfund.org.uk/funding/programmes/mayors-community-weekend


(Source:  WALC)

New Motorway Service Area at M42 Junction 4

Solihull Council extended the time for the public to comment on the proposed new Motorway Service Area at Blythe Valley Junction 4 of the M42.

The closing date was Friday 1 February.  This application and another for a larger Service Area near Catherine de Barnes will be determined in March.

If residents wish to see details of the application they are available on the Solihull Metropolitan Council website at:



(Source:  CPRE)

Water Mains Work Delayed

Major road works planned for early in the New Year have been delayed until the Autumn of 2019.

Severn Trent Water had planned the replacement of mains water pipes along Tom Hill, Butts Lane, Doctor’s Hill and The Green from 7 January.  This would have meant major traffic disruption in the village for many weeks.

There is no indication yet of a date when work will begin.


(Source:  Severn Trent)

Every Wednesday at the Village Hall

Since early July Tanworth Village Hall has opened its doors every Wednesday afternoon to enable the community to come together and join in gentle leisure pursuits.

Initially, the hall committee wished to establish if there was sufficient demand to warrant heating the hall throughout the winter months to justify such activities continuing.  Demand has been such that the doors remain open.  Residents have been able to enjoy Bingo, Draughts (the game not a chill!), a game called ‘Frustration’(It is well named) and to stimulate memories with playing cards and the occasional quiz.

In the summer we enjoyed a little light piano playing from a young talented teenager now back at school.  We would welcome any local resident to come along and entertain us at the keyboard.

Doors open every Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm and close between 4.30pm and 5.00pm depending upon the state of games at the time. Refreshments in the form or tea or coffee with biscuits are provided in exchange for a small donation.

All are welcome, do come along and meet old friends and make some new ones.

(Source:  Tony Dixon)

How To Submit Your Views On A Planning Application


A resident has suggested it might be useful to set out in detail how to comment on a current planning application.

The conventional way is to write to Stratford District Council at Elizabeth House, Stratford Upon Avon CV37 6HX quoting the relevant number currently 18/00000/FUL followed by some letters which describe the kind of Application.

The planners tend to disregard loads of letters that are all in the same style or use the same form of words.

The much easier way that allows residents to view plans and the comments of others is to go to the SDC website:


Scroll down and click once on Planning And Building

That opens an E Planning option

Click on that and then choose View Planning Applications

You are now on the main E Planning System page.

Put the 18/02392/REM application number in and you can then browse the history and relevant documents relevant to the current Cank Farm application.

On the right hand side is Comment.  You than have access to a pro forma where you can type in comments.

Be very careful to ensure that you tick the relevant option – Support, No Representation  or Object

Hope this is helpful


(Source: Barry Stephens and Tom Ross)



Could You Be a School Governor?

Tanworth School and Nursery  is looking for a local resident to serve as a school governor. That person does not have to have an existing connection with the school.

Some of the existing governors are parents who, despite all the demands of having a young family and, usually, full-time jobs, are prepared to give up their precious time to bring their unique perspective to running our school and nursery.  Other governors have an education background and are able to use that experience to help shape and monitor the learning that we offer.

Equally important are those who can bring a strong business background and experience to the governor role.

The Chairman of the Governors thinks such business experience is essential if the headteacher and her staff are to be able to focus on helping our children to learn and achieve their best.

Anyone with a business background, particularly in commercial accounting or financial management, or in buildings and asset management, either from the private or public sector, whether retired or nearing the end of a career, is particularly asked to consider becoming a school governor.

For more information contact Bob Perks on 07891 432881 or e-mail him at perks_robert@hotmail.co.uk.  Note that is perks underscore Robert.


(Source:  Tanworth School)