Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Who should I speak to if there is a problem with footpath lighting? Footpath lighting is the responsibility of Tanworth Parish Council.  It is paid for as a precept on the Council Tax you pay.  You should note the number on the lamp post and then contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Julie White, or her deputy Becky on 703200 with the precise location.

Q How can we get a grit bin near where we live? Warwickshire County Council Highways Department is responsible for gritting the roads in icy conditions.  However they will only usually grit main roads and those near schools.  The council publishes a map showing the roads that they grit on their website. If you want to try to get a grit bin for a particular area get a number of like minded residents together who are willing to undertake to spread the grit when required and then apply to the Parish Council at the address  on their website. The Parish Council has undertaken to buy a limited number of bins each year and Warwickshire Highways has agreed to keep the bins topped up with grit free of charge.  There are a few conditions to be met but interested residents should  get an application form from the Parish Clerk.

Q  Do I need planning permission to make changes to my property? Planning is mainly the responsibility of Stratford District Council.  The short answer is probably you do.  All of Tanworth is in Green Belt which currently has extra protections – though we are waiting to see what recent changes to planning law will mean in detail. The village itself is mostly a Conservation Area which means there are extra protections for the buildings and even the trees.  In Conservation Area you may also need Listed Building Consent.

Q  My neighbour has made a planning application.  How can I see the plans? Planning is mainly the responsibility of Stratford District Council.  The paper plans are now only available at the council offices in Stratford but they are available online on the council’s website at: The best way to navigate the site if you do not know the Application number is to use Map Search and then fill in your postcode.  This will show all the properties at that postcode.  Click on the correct one and the map on the page will show you the property concerned and all you have to do then is click on the box

Q  How do I support or oppose a planning application? Planning is mainly the responsibility of the District Council.  Lists of current applications are usually published online on the council’s website and in the Stratford Herald published every Thursday.  Each application is usually displayed on a wall or lamp post near the affected property.  The District Council will also usually advise neighbours who may be affected by the proposals in writing.  If you wish to comment on the application you can do so online (see the last answer for the webpage).

Q  What is the Parish Council’s role in deciding planning applications? Planning is mainly the responsibility of the District Council.  The Parish Council does not decide the application.  It can only make representations to the District Council.  Individual residents can attend the public sessions of the bi-monthly Parish Councils to ask the council to make representations on their behalf.  If the Parish Council or the local District Councillors decide to object the application is sent to the District Council’s West planning committee for debate.  Local residents may be able to attend these meetings and make brief comments.  Time though is very limited. For full details see:

Q  How far forward on the front of my property can I build a wall or fence? Highway verges are the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council.  Warwick Highways jealously guards the verges and will take steps to have any walls or hedges removed that encroach.  In most cases there is an obvious line apparent from nearby properties.  Placing large rocks or wooden posts on the verges is also frowned upon as they make snow ploughing difficult and could harm horse riders if they fell off.

Q  To whom do I report damaged or defaced road signs? Road signs are the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council.   To try to avoid needless duplication Tanworth Parish Council has undertaken to co-ordinate incident reporting of such matters.  You should call the Parish Clerk, Mrs Julie White, or her assistant Sue on 703200.


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