Dangerous Road Junction

Following representations from the Parish Council and the Residents Association Warwickshire Highways have repainted the STOP road markings on the Tithe Barn Lane road junction at Flower Knott Cottage.

There have been a number of serious incidents at this dangerous junction in recent months.

Highways will also re-paint the SLOW road markings on Cut Throat Lane which were lost when the road was resurfaced.

Many residents use this junction on the way to Shirley or to Box Trees and extreme caution is always required.

Given that traffic to and from Hockley Heath and Earlswood seem to pay little heed of the SLOW signs we will continue to press Warwickshire County Council for further measures to improve the safety of this junction.

(Source: Tom Ross)

Tanworth Votes ‘Yes’ to NDP

Residents in Tanworth have voted to accept the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) prepared under the auspices of Tanworth Parish Council.

Stratford District Council will now use the NDP to help decide planning applications in the parish.

On Thursday 24 November 2022, voters in Tanworth-in-Arden voted

  • 364 (87.1%) of those voting said ‘Yes’
  • 54 (12.9%)of those voting said ‘No
  • The turnout was 15.89%

(Source: Stratford District Council)

The Bell has Re-opened

The Bell has re-opened under new owners, the Stonegate Pub Group. A new manager has been appointed.

The Post Office will not re-open.

(Source: Tom Ross)

Cost of Living Help

Stratford District Council is administering a government scheme to provide additional financial support for vulnerable households within the district who are struggling to pay their energy bills this winter.

All homeowners, private rented tenants and housing association/Council tenants can apply for fuel vouchers or the equivalent if they meet ALL four of the criteria below. 

1. Live in Stratford District
2. Have a combined gross household income of less than £30,000 per year
3. Have No Savings
4. Have someone in the household with a vulnerability of some sort – a health condition, a disability or sudden change in circumstances

If you or someone you know satisfies ALL FOUR criteria above, you can help them apply for support through the Stratford Energy Support Fund. 

Recognised community and voluntary organisations, including Citizens Advice, Stratford District Council, Housing Associations, and professional health and family services can apply on someone else’s behalf.

It is quite a complicated application process but further details can be obtained by calling 0800 988 2881 or at:


(Source: Tony Dixon)

Refuse Collection Arrangements

The new arrangements for Refuse Collection by Stratford District Council began on Monday 1 August.

What follows only applies to properties that have a collection on MONDAYS.

Residents should by now have received two new small green caddies.  If you buy compostable bin liners they have capacities of 7 and 23 litres.

The smaller caddy is for use in the kitchen only.  Food waste should be emptied into the larger caddy and left outside your property every Monday.  There are separate arrangements over Christmas and New Year.

The existing wheeled Green bin is only to be used in future for garden waste.  From 1 August food must go in the larger caddy.

The collection arrangements are a bit complex and difficult to explain.

The larger Food caddy goes out weekly.

The existing Blue wheeled bin will continue to take items that can be recycled like glass and paper:  the Grey one for items that cannot be recycled as before.  Food cannot go in either.

The Green Garden Waste wheelie goes out fortnightly as before and should be on the same pattern as before.  You will need to pay extra – currently £42 a year.

The Blue recycling wheeled bin should be collected fortnightly on the same Monday as the Green Garden waste wheelie.

The Grey wheeled bin will only be collected every three weeks.  One week it will be with your Blue and Green bins – then three weeks later with your food caddy. The pattern then repeats.

Good luck with getting your head round that pattern!

Leaflets have been delivered to each household explaining all this and there is a helpful calendar up to and including Christmas.

Any queries should be addressed to Stratford District Council on 01789 260123 or www.stratford.gov.uk/123

(Source: Stratford District Council)

Earlswood Stores and Post Office Open for Business

Earlswood Stores, including the Post Office, re-opened for business on 18 February after a major refit by Nisa.


(Source: Nisa)

Council to ‘adopt’ Phone Box

Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council is seeking to adopt the old phone box on The Green in order to preserve it for the community.

As part of the consultation process it is a requirement that Stratford-on-Avon District Council consults with the local community to obtain their view.

The consultation is now open and finishes on Thursday 23 December 2021.

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)

Construction Traffic through the Village

A number of residents have reported that heavy lorries going to the Cank Farm site are continuing to travel through the village. This is despite the matter being reported to Spitfire Homes.

To be fair Spitfire’s contractor has put up signs on Vicarage Hill advising the drivers of lorries not to go through the village. However, to the best of my knowledge there are none on Tom Hill or Bates Lane. Also, there are no contact details, either phone or email, to allow residents to report such journeys.

When approached by the Association Spitfire refused at first to provide such details, but eventually – and reluctantly – they suggest their general email address: info@spitfirehomes.co.uk.

Stratford District Council has confirmed to us that it was a condition of the original outline planning permission that construction traffic should not travel through the village. It is therefore an matter for SDC’s Enforcement team.

Any residents who wish to complain about such traffic should note details of the time the violation occurred, a registration number if possible, any vehicle company name and a photograph again if possible.

These details should be passed to the Parish Council on 703200 or office@tanworth-pc.org.uk

(Source: Tom Ross)

Whatsapp Group to Help Fight Crime

Fly tipping and car crime have increased in Tanworth during the lockdown. 

Local residents have formed a a Whatsapp group to help improve communications within the Tanworth area.  The group is open to all residents so long as they abide by the rules.

You may have seen some of their new signs around the village.

The Crime and Suspicious Activity Group aims to help the police by sharing any unusual or criminal behaviour as quickly as possible.

This group will operate alongside Neighbourhood Watch.

For more details about how to join the group contact:

Jamie Doyle –  07860887562

(Source: Jamie Doyle)

Housing Needs Survey

Tanworth Parish Council has just commissioned a second Housing Needs Survey in conjunction with Warwickshire Rural Community Council. This is part of the ongoing process towards a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish.

The survey was designed to establish how many residents had a need for alternative housing within the parish – either for their children or for themselves if they wished to downsize.

1406 forms were distributed to every household, but, unfortunately, only 31 replies were received and of these 6 were discounted for various reasons.

So, the Parish Council has, in effect, received the views of 25 households.

(Source: Tanworth Parish Council)